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Love to Cook - Fructose Friendly

November 1, 2016

I have always loved to cook. mostly desserts because i have a huge sweet tooth, i know don't we all, unfortunately for me i also have a savoury tooth. So i love all food really. Recently being diagnosed as fructose intolerant i decided because of a distinct lack of products that are fructose free or at least friendly, I would write about and share, my experiences and also a few recipes to help the ever increasing people who are now Fructose intolerant also. 


So rather than promote our products all the time in the blog, i think we will talk about lots of things, some important and some just for fun. 

The hardest part of eating fructose free is that i now cannot eat garlic or onion, apple or pears. Onion and/or garlic are in so many processed food items and recipes it takes a very patient person to find what you can and cannot eat. Luckily i have found my patient bone and have quite a good amount of food knowledge on the subject, all through trial and error mind you..I am not a dietician or Dr, but i experience the effects of food intolerance all the time, that is my area of expertise. 

So here is my TOP 11 foods to avoid to keep your gut happier.


1. Onion family

2. Garlic

3. Apples

4. Pears

5. Honey

6. Red Wine

7. Beans and Pulses

8. Anything with HFCS ( High Fructose Corn Syrup )

9. Tomato Paste

10. Stock (store bought) 

11. Stone fruit - ( Mango and Cherries are the worst )






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