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Design is a very personal and totally customisable service. The cost if an Interior designer is the biggest hurdle for many people to get past. Why pay for what I can find on google or Pinterest right ? Well thats not the truth, you only get the polished final finish in many of those arenas and you never really get the solutions you need for your space and you miss out on industry discounts and of course expertise that you never knew you needed..  Although I think a designer is worth every cent whatever they charge, you will always get more back than you paid, I assure you. 

We have all come out of a tough few years and I have been fortunate to be able to semi retire during that time, I say that not to brag, but as a reason why I am going to offer my "give back design program". That means I will offer all design services for whatever you feel its worth to you or can afford. No minimum charge for the work I take on. Of course I wont be able to take on everyone at the same time, but I wanted to give back and help make Peoples lives and spaces more beautiful and what better way that to do it, than for what people can afford. So for 2022 it's on you to pay me what you feel. 

During Covid I got very good at remote design and so we don't even have to meet in person, we can get it all done online and Via Zoom and email. You get to do the measuring though. :-) working from house plans is always helpful too.

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