The classic Rhodia orange defines these pencils that have timeless appeal and glide easily across super-smooth Rhodia paper. They are wood pencils with a black eraser and HB lead grade.


Practical and fun, these Rhodia pencils have an excellent dark grey pencil lead.  


Rhodia notebooks and notepads enjoy an international cult following, and are favoured by designers, artists, writers and stationery lovers.

Developed in France in the 1930s, Rhodia's rich heritage and cultural influence is evident in the classic, stylish design, high quality and functionality in each of their notepads.

Ensuring every measure is taken to minimise impact on the environment, all Rhodia notebooks and notepads are recyclable, biodegradable and created with materials harvested from certified sustainable forests.

Rhodia - Premium Graphite Pencil - HB - Orange

  • SOURCE: HB Lead

    Paper and wood made from sustainable forests. Designed and made in France