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Cuddly teddy bears remind us of our lovely childhood, our expections and kiddy cravings. The teddy bear in its low poly design from paper is a homage to one's own childhood. This paper decoration is not a handicraft work as it used to be in our childhood, the paper parts are already pre-folded and pre-cut. You just plug the paper parts together and your low poly animal is ready. 

Thanks to our innovative plug technique you don't need any special adhesive and your paper art stays dry and clean - not to forget about your hands. You are 3x faster in assembling your paper teddy bear as you don't need to wait until the glue dries. 

We consecutively numbered the paper flaps for you. Start with no. 1 and continue with 2, 3, etc. Feel free to assemble your paper animal in the garden, in front of the TV or at the barbecue with friends. As we put into the kit everything you don't need further tools. It is that easy. As a bonus we added our sample cube.

Paper shape - Teddy

Option 1
  • Size teddy bear: W24 x H26 x D14 cm

  • Set contains

    19 paper parts
    300g/m² high quality-paper

    numerical assembling

    1 sample cube for testing

    1 instructions (incl. video)

    100% success guarantee