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Moorabbin Flying Services


With this faux taxidermy head you back the right horse. It's geometric shapes and clean design emphasizes its vitality and classiness. With our selective colors you get an interior object that is urban, minimal and yet classy. Beautify your walls with this kind of modern art.

Your wall trophy is no paper cut-out sheet. Our high-quality papers are precisely precut and pre-folded. For you the fun part of assembling remains. Just plug together the paper parts in numerical oder and you are done. You don't need any special adhesive or any other kind of glue. Your paper animal and your hand remain free of glue stains. With the innovative plug technique you are 3x faster compared to paper animals with glue as you don't have to wait until the glue dries.

For your assembly you need no further tools, everything is in the kit included. As a plus we threw in a sample cube for testing.

Paper shape -Horse

Option 1
  • Size horse: W13 x H37 x D33 cm

  • Set contains

    18 paper parts
    300g/m² high quality-paper

    numerical assembling

    1 sample cube for testing

    1 instructions (incl. video)

    100% success guarantee