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Colour Choice - How to decide

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Now for something design related. Colour. this is such large subject that i will only try to give you a few design tips as a staring point and ask you to go away and make your own colour chart. I always start by asking a client if i can look at their wardrobe, its not that i want to be nosey, but you can tell a lot about someones colour and design style by whether wear. do they like pattern or plain. bright or muted, retro or classic.. so my first assignment for you colour wary folks is to look at your wardrobe and see what colour you have the most of and what style you like. then make a list of the next popular colour you wear and so on. stop at 3 colours and se if you have a clear pattern or plain preference. If you love patterns you may like wallpaper..another day for that though..

write and tell us if you found a colour story you can work with or if you have at last found a way to decide on colour choices in furniture and paint. Knowing how to use these colours will be for another day.. Go on, go find your colour story and let us know or send us a picture.

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