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The Full House

Interior Design

The interior design process can be a complex and time consuming beast.

And it will be the same complex and time consuming beast no matter which interior design company you decide to give a shot too. So what difference can I make? 
Previously Located on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula, I have worked in Melbourne's eclectic market and now based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland I have a unique city and coastal understanding to bring to your space.

I am here to help you understand it... if that's your goal. I also know that you may not want to fully understand all the intricacies of interior design. 
So whether you are a new homeowner or just remodeling, you just want your project accomplished on budget and on time.
We understand. So you can understand that whatever your goal happens to be, I will make it happen. No Designer ego included. 

As well as being super friendly and customer focused, I hope you agree after we meet that you can trust me with your project. I always bring my 'A' game to you.

During Covid 19 we are offering our services with eDesign - remote design where we work together with you on your new space. Rates reflect this change. If you are on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland we can visit as normal.


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This is where the rubber meets the road. We define success from the start of the process.


We will always ask about the clients needs and wants.

Ask lots of questions and listen and this will becomes a list of prerequisites for the project.


  • How do you want to live in and experience the space;

  • We will ask you for imagery.. a car you like, a favourite item, anything that shows us what you love;

  • What are some things you enjoy;

  • What’s important to you;

  • Tell your story.

From all of this information gathered at our first meeting I will provide you with a program to follow so you can see how the project will be driven each step of the way.

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We view design as a science while the results become the art.


Elements will start the program and define the design brief.


Designer or Decorator - whats the difference? A designer can decorate, but a decorator cannot design. You pay for expertise and knowledge not just fancy curtains, but solutions and ideas. 

As my client I will always present various options for every solution.

The entry to home needs to create a moment,

Something special to arrive home to.



Everyone wants to know, but no one wants to do it. We make it easy & transparent. From our one of costs to more complex needs. I will keep you in the loop on every cent and where it is going.

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The most exciting time as the planning, design and pricing finally become a reality!

From all of our discussions I will be able to show you a "Vibe" board so you can visualise the dream.