B&A kitchen bench.jpg

This simple makeover was achieved on a small budget but still has a big impact using colour and smart furniture placement.

A few simple tweaks to the space has made it more useful and attractive.

In the bedroom below, a few simple changes to the bedding and a change in wall colour has made all the difference. New carpet in charcoal finished the room nicely. (not shown) Lamp bases were kept, as the owner had a connection to them, but with new inexpensive shades they are more balanced. The wall colour also makes the artwork, also a family favourite, stand out as the feature it should be.

B&A bedroom hughes.jpg
B&A office hughes.jpg
B&A lounge hughes.jpg

A simple tidy up in the office has ensured the office is now a well used space that is ordered and has a better flow. Clutter has been removed to make way for this simple desk setting.

The lounge had uneven furniture placement and no colour. We added some drama with the wall colour and balanced it with some cushions a new rug and proper furniture placement. Sometimes it just takes a few tweaks to make a big difference.


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