Work from home

Need a space at home to work

If you ask me, working from home can be both rewarding and easy to do. I can design you a space based on your homes current layout, that you will love to work in and that you can shut away with some simple rules that are easy to apply.

Steps I will take to give you the space you need.


Bring a bit of life into your work-from-home setup. with a few houseplants to increase aesthetics and give a fresh vibe to the space. Plants help to manage stress so including them in any remodel is important, make space for some plants. I can help you remodel an existing layout to make it work better for you with its flow and help you see what changes are going to work for you


Since this is your “work,” , you do spend a lot of time glued to the desk at your work from home setup. This can often be challenging, so you need to ensure the space works for you. Invest in a desk and chair that you like and that is ergonomically safe. You may need to do some minor renovations or you might like to add on an entire room. 


Whether you like pickachu cute or, elegant materials, maybe you prefer big roomy spaces, be sure that all the work from home furniture you have your heart set on for your home office ideas caters to your personality. If you have no idea where to start I can help you discover your style