Industry Prices

Once you have decided you need to buy that new piece or a room full of pieces. Go through these suppliers and jot down your choices. Send us a message and we will put together a quote for you. If you have a budget let us know as we may be able to suggest other items. We are always getting new suppliers coming on board so there may be more options than you realise. Have fun shopping. Oh! ignore any RRP prices you see as we will be sure to get you a much much better price.  Even if you don't need our design advice you may just like to have our industry library at your fingertips, I can also advise on product choice if it all gets too hard.

We have access to many more suppliers via industry associations and they are too numerous to list each one, so just ask me for what you need and we can go form there.

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Warwick Fabrics

All your fabric needs covered


Weave Home

Cushions, Rugs and Throws


Emac & Lawton

Lighting and Homewares


Great Dane

Scandinavian Furniture


SLH Lifestyle Curators

Furniture and Homewares


Handmade By Lynneke

Gorgeous Handmade Homewares


Miller Randall Design

Furniture, Homewares and Soft furnishings

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Furniture and Soft Furnishings



Artwork and Pictures


CAFE lighting & Living

Furniture and Homewares