Why use a stylist

If your home is already in excellent repair and looks like a magazine cover, needing nothing more than a quick run around with the vacuum, of course you can skip the services of a professional. But many people have a deep sentimental attachment to their homes, and it can be difficult to disconnect and view it through the eyes of an outsider. Not everyone will look at its quirks and oddities with the same affection as you.

This is where a professional stylist can help. A stylist will take an objective look at the home, weigh up what buyers in the area are looking for, and figure out strategies for making the home more appealing to as many of them as possible.

Why Style your home

Styling your home can add thousands of dollars in value, not many people can see through the clutter and visualise what it will cost to get it looking right for them. They will add a much larger cost to doing that than if you did it for them. The perceived cost to makeover the home for the buyer is exaggerated by many thousands and I have known $50K to be removed from the value of a home just because it was messy and cluttered. The perception there is that if you have lived in this mess then you must also not have taken care of the home and what else will they find once they move in. Set the scene from the beginning and you will add the same value to your home rather than have the buyer remove it for you.

Costs explained

We charge by the hour for those who need advice only and want to do the work. We can also charge by the job and budget depending on your spend value. We will come out first to provide you with an evaluation of what needs to be done to get the home ready for sale. This is refunded off the styling value should you proceed with us. We do not ask all clients to spend big bucks if it will not add the value we need to sell the home in your market. We can liaise with your real estate agent so there is a cohesive plan happening if they allow.  For a makeover anything from $3K to $8K will get most homes ready for sale. For advice a few hundred will do the trick. Money well spent to get professional advice. Sometimes you only need a declutter it all depends on the home. Make an appointment with us to find out more, and we can plan to make your home ready to sell for the best possible price.