With the down turn in aviation right now we are switching our focus towards resume, presentation and interview skills. 

The course outline below will be updated in the next few weeks to reflect these changes.


There is one common misconception out there today that paying to do a course for cabin crew is a waste of time. This is said because the airlines do put you through a course and teach you what they need from you. This advice comes form the people who were successful in attaining the role of Cabin Crew, and therefore do not understand the struggle that some people go through.  What they don't tell you is how many fail to achieve the dream role and instead offer a template based training scheme that gives them easy income for not much input. We believe that to truly learn how to be successful in aviation - 'A people business', you need to be taught by experienced aviation professionals face to face and with actual interaction with class mates and instructors. Airlines are spending less and less on training and expecting better and better candidates and to be that better candidate you need knowledge and training and that is why we know we can give you the best chance possible to achieve your dreams. Not only will we instruct, encourage and inspire you. we will guide you through to your first aviation role and the start of your career in aviation. People industries need people contact and interaction with real instructors.

Did you know ?

Only 1 out of 100 flight attendant applicants who "go it alone' get hired.


If you are rejected by an airline, you must wait 6 - 12 months to reapply.


The majority of flight attendant applicants have never seen the subject matter covered in new-hire training.


Most airlines require a 90% passing grade on all exams during new hire training.


Only 60% of new-hire flight attendants make it through new-hire training.


Only 50% survive the first year of employment.


Each airline receives an average of 2,500 flight attendant job applications per month.


Delta Airlines recently received over 44,000 job applications for 1,000 flight attendant positions.


Flight attendant recruiters are looking for 21 specific desirable qualities in applicants before hiring them.


Flight attendant interviews contain over 80% of "behavioral" type interview questions.

This is why our training is what you need to increase those odds and get you the role you want.

Real People - Real Training - Real Results.

The cabin crew course with us will give you inside knowledge of the aviation industry from experienced aviation professionals to give the edge over others attempting entry into the highly sought after role of Cabin Crew with the worlds leading airlines.

Anything you do to enhance your success is never a waste of time.

Both Course options  incorporate practical and theory lessons. In the career course you get hands on experience using equipment that current Cabin Crew use to train and refresh each year. Evacuate an Aircraft, Use Emergency Equipment, Learn First Aid and Responsible Service of Alcohol as well as airline Business Class Service and customer service excellence. You will work with actors for realistic role-plays that are both fun and inspirational.

We teach you Attitude and Mindset skills that will give you the edge and make you an employee of choice. These rarely taught but always desirable skills are what you need to be a success in Aviation or any Customer facing industry.


This is a great place to learn the recruitment process that airlines use and how to stand out in the crowd - in good way ! 

You will come away with 2 qualifications making you airline ready


6 weeks of pure Immersion into what a Flight Attendant's world is all about. You come away with 2 qualifications airlines need you to have as well as all the skills you need for success in your new career. We stay with you all the way.


This is an intensive 15 day course that will give you a stunning 

resume and teach you valuable mindset and language skills to get a job in any industry, set at  the aviation industries  level of excellence of course.


Leading professionals in their fields are jumping onboard to ensure we give our students the best experience and the best learning possible.

Included-Masterclass and $150 to spend with

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Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 5.17.59 pm.png

 Iife In Flight Training


This is full 5 days course that will help you gain confidence in dealing with difficult interactions and give you the skills to stay positive and to create a positive environment for you and your customer. 

A more in depth look at our Mindset and Attitude & Service Language training is a standalone course designed for those who need to refresh skills or to get more in depth practice and learning of these ultimately essential skills, to be successful in the business world and especially in Customer Service. We will have fun and interactive workshops using our amazing partners for variety, and also to let you experience exceptional training that is usually  used by large corporate training programs.

This is resume worthy training for everyone.

Whats That you say - Entry Requirements?

There are no "offical" entry requirements to study this course, We supply your uniform, your text books.

Ideally you will have year 10 or above and have good English skills.

How to Enrol

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