Graphic & Web Design

If you need a new brochure a new website or even a new look business card or logo redesign. We can help you out for less than you may expect. Nothing is more engaging than the image you present to everyone. It needs to show who you are and what your standards are. We take your image seriously and we want you to look good. We can redesign your company manuals or training materials to make them more engaging for your employees and guarantee that they will be used. Who doesn't love to look at a cool magazine, why can't your manuals be cool ? They Can ! Just Ask !

Graphic Design Workspace

e-Style For Sale 

Have you put your house on the market or are about to?  

Even though you love your furniture, it doesn't quite look right ?

Does your coffee table or book shelves have that longing look of space ?

Maybe you have some items, but you really need more to compliment what you already have.

Maybe the rooms don't reflect the style of the house, you really need them to so you can maximise on your investment.

Maybe you need someone to swoop in and change your life! Your home. Your view of your rooms.

That’s where we can help !


During Covid we are offering remote advice at a reduced rate of course.



Colour Consultation

Do you need help choosing the right colours for your home ? Rather than paint and repaint we can help you get it right the first time. Get the look you wanted all in a few hours. We understand how frustrating it is to know what colours to use and how to get that stunning look that the professionals do. Save time and money and let us choose your new colour scheme today.

eColour is available during Covid 19 - You send us your images and we design your scheme remotely.

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eDesign Online

So you just need some advice and few quick issues dealt with so you can move on. Then this service is for you. We can chat on the phone work via email or even Skype and deal with your concerns. This is a quick session that will point you in the right direction or save you from doing something you will regret later. Designer knowledge that's easy to get anywhere, anytime.

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Interior Design 

Our full service design service includes presentations, meetings, project management, etc. We're with you every step of the way to make sure every design detail is taken care of, because each decision may impact others. We're here to handle the process and take the burden off your shoulders. You can get on with your life and know we have your back. We only ask one thing of our clients and that is to understand   that we're there to handle the creative part of the project and not just to implement their own design.

If you prefer to use us for the Design work and to use our sources we are all good with that. We want you to feel that you can have as much or as little control as you feel comfortable with. We charge for our time and you can take the full benefit of our sources for cost savings. We work a little differently than most, but we like to be transparent with ALL of the costs. 


During Covid we are offering our eDesign service only.


Industry Shopping

We have sources and and we want to share them with you. Not being one of those design companies that pay wholesale and charge you retail we tell you up front what we cost so you can see the true benefit of using a professional to get supplies for your home. Not only do you get design know how you get to shop for less. Everyone loves a sale !

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